The Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (Italian for "External Information and Security Agency"), commonly known as AISE and formerly known as SISMI, is the external intelligence agency of Italy. They are also responsible for the intellegence of the "Hell's Gate" in Japan. They have been forced to withdraw.

Operations Edit

Ever since the appearance of the fake stars, chairman Givanni Sanchevez took the responsibility of researching them and the "Hell's Gate" in Japan. Their main operation is to gather information from Japanese politicians and learn about every contractor in the world using the stars. After this, they will eliminate assassin and spy contractors from rival organizations, however their main focus is to learn about the group BEHEMOTH and eventially SIN.

Employees Edit

The AISE has Italian has several Italian Contractors as agents, but the only known one is Savillo

Known Members Edit