Age 38
Birthdate March 7
Height 8'15"
Weight 183 lbs
Gender Male
Species Contractor
Code Name Paladin-Priest
Status Active
Affiliation The Vatican
Messier Code JC-111
Ability Healing and Regeneration
  • Unknown

Father Alexander Altaire is a Contractor working under the Vatican and the organization God's Grace and holds the Messier Code JC-111.

Background Edit

Raised as a Catholic, Alexander devoted his life to his faith and immediately after gaining his Contractor powers visited the Pope, questioning his next move. The Pope suggested working to fight the forces of darkness for the Vatican by performing secret operations under the Christian flag. Thus he has spent his days opposing IRIS and other secret societies under the organization God's Grace.

Appearance Edit

He is extremely well built and has long brown hair and a brown beard with hazel eyes. He wears white armor-like pants with torn trenchcoat flaps and a large golden cross for a belt buckle. He keeps his Cross-blade sheathed on his back at all times.

Personality Edit

He has a strict demeanor about him, seeming cold and emotionless around most. In combat, he often wears a grin of delight, showing a more sadistic side of him. He sees most non-Catholics as either heratics, insects, or freaks who must be punished. He views Sadow as a parallel to himself, stating he'd actually be upset if Sadow died by anyone else's hands or in a manner other than through battle. He is sympathetic to Ryan's goal of becoming human, but disapproves of his alignment with BEHEMOTH and thus sees him as a threat.

Abilities Edit

  • Healing and Regeneration: He is able to heal both himself and others he touches rapidly, almost erasing the wound (though this does not recover lost blood.) The downside to this is he can only regenerate if he is aware of himself. Thus if his brain is damaged and he becomes unaware of himself, his Contract fails.
    • Remuneration/Obeisance: His remuneration is that he must pray every time he uses his Contract. He finds this to be minor as he prays often.

Equipment Edit

  • Large Cross-Blade: He wields a large blade in the shape of a crucifix sheathed on his back. It is apparently very heavy and durable. According to Alexander, the Pope himself blessed the blade to give it strength in combatting his foes.
  • Incendiary Grenades: He also keeps Incendiary Grenades strapped to his person at all times. The fire that the Grenades contain is what he calls "Divine Flame" and that it is blessed fire.

Synopsis Edit

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