Age Early teen's
Birthdate unknown
Height 4'2"
Weight 55 lbs
Gender Female
Species Contractor
Code Name Gluttony
Status Active
Affiliation SIN
Previous Affiliation unknown
Occupation Movie Idol
Messier Code KC-402
Ability Animation


Background Edit

Alice is very unique in that she was the first person to be born a contractor. She was born in Bath, England into a well off family consisting of a mother, father and an older brother. It was tough for Alice growing up as she couldn't relate to other children and viewed most to be quite silly an illogical. Those around her were constantly fussing over her, worried about how she didn't have any friends. This eventually became a nuisance to her so she decided to act like the other kids so that they would stop. Alice had been watching the other children for a while now and had been able to observe them enough to mimic them. This talent allowed her to act in movies and this ability in combination with her pretty face promoted her into the role of a child star. It is unknown how she became in league with SIN or knows fellow SIN member Lust.

Appearance Edit

Alice is a small red-headed girl. Her hair reaches just about to her lower back and she usually wears it in two long pig tails. She has a fair complexion and a very pretty face.

Personality Edit

She is just as logical as most other contractors, possibly even more so as she has never been any other way. This aspect of her also makes it hard for her to understand when others, especially contractors, get emotional. She dismisses emotions and believes them to be an irrelevant nuisance. Alice has also live quite well to do her entire life and this has become quite spoiled. She always insists on getting her way and will even disobey a mission if she doesn't feel like completing it.

Abilities Edit

  • Animation: Alice's contract allows her to bring inanimate object to life. By touching an object, she has the power to give it the capability of moment (though to what degree depends on the object it self). Once the objects are animate, she also has the ability to command their actions. These objects are capable of understanding and carrying out simple commands but only while in telepathic contact with Alice. An object obviously has no mind capable of processing commands so thus Alice allows a part of her own mind to be utilized by the objects and the more complicated the task, the more of her focus has to be on the object. This telepathic link is very handy at times for things like spying as Alice can see what is going on around the object. In order to break the telepathic link either Alice needs to touch it again or the object may be destroyed.
  • Obeisance/Remuneration: She has to eat cakes or any other sort of pastry. Oddly though, despite being a little girl, she detests eating cakes and the like.