Kanji アルマ
Messier Code Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 5'3"
Weight 104 lbs.
Gender Female
Blood Type O-
Ability Hallucinations
Obeisance Sensing Negative Emotions
Partner None
"Unlike some contractors I'd love to have a normal life, and at least avoid the fear directed at contractors. Of course fate delt me a hand that said otherwise."

Alma is a contractor unknown to most of the world; being one that attempted to maintain an ordinary life. It has been suggested that Alma is not her real name, infering that she restarted her life away from her family, even though appearing to be somewhere around the age of 16. Her whereabouts are unknown, but it is suspected that she has had past dealings with Takeshi.


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Alma has fair skin, along with dark brown eyes with hair to match. She normally wears whatever was suited for her situation, and though living alone, managed to make enough money to have multiple forms of clothing. It is unknown what equipment she kept on-hand as a contractor, but since she was attempting to live a normal life it is suspected that she carried none.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Alma suffers from multiple psychological disorders, which affect her personality to a degree. Her major disorder is psychopathy, which reduces the amount of empathy she has to very little to the public in general made even more apparant by the fact she is a contractor. This disorder also leads into her minor case of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which can cause her to accidently kill someone if heavily stressed (though this is minor and so normally she can control these urges). Dementia can also occur while under stress, which causes her to normally avoid speaking to anyone while walking around where she lives.

Due to this, in public she is a rather withdrawn individual, but when around those she trusts can be more outward. In these instances she is shown to have a sarcastic but kind soul. However she can also at times show a side that is devious, cunning, tempermental. It is also suggested that she is rather bashful in some subjects, though not as disasterously as some individuals. These moments of outwardness are rare, as she rarely gives her trust to anyone.


Hallucinations: Alma's contract is the ability to send victims into hallucinations and visions of her design. What these hallucinations entail are all dependant upon Alma's own imagination. When used to its full extent this power can easily drive most foes insane, or it can easily calm down people. Alma at times is shown to use this on herself at night to lull herself to sleep; stating that she rarely has any good dreams.

Renumeration: Alma's renumeration is continuously paid off, and it has been theorized by Takeshi that it is the reason she at times suffers from dementia. Her renumeration requires that she senses all negative emotions around her; this is a terrible burden, as all these emotions seem to be aimed at herself. Her renumeration's range is suggested to be aapproximately the diameter of an average sized city.


  • Alma means of the soul in latin, a fitting name for her character.
  • Alma's theme is Never Say Never by The Fray.
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