Assarishita "Akari" Kakusei
Age 45
Birthdate February 14
Height 5'4"
Weight 121 lbs
Gender Female
Species Human
Code Name June 3
Affiliation Hikaru Kurosaki
Previous Affiliation MI6
Occupation Police Officer
Previous Occupation(s) Secret Agent

Background Edit

Origins: Akari Edit

Assarishita "Akari" Kakusei was a former MI6 agent who married a Contractor during one of her espionage missions to Japan. She spent nearly her whole life as a part of MI6 from her birth. She never had a real name aside from her codename June 3. On her last assignment, she was sent to Japan to locate a Contractor called "Gale". Gale had stolen some important information which MI6 wanted to get a hold of before anyone else. On the mission, she unknowingly became romantically involved with Gale, otherwise known as Hissori Kakusei. When she found that Hissori was Gale and that he was slated to be killed, her decision between staying with MI6 or staying with Hissori caused her to do something she never once thought she would do.

She killed herself.

MI6 retrieved the data, and Hissori contacted Shiga Kumori, a Contractor with the ability to age anything or reverse entropy, to revive June 3. Shiga was able to reverse the damage, seeing as June 3 hadn't hit a point of her heart where she would have died right away. Shiga pointed out to Hissori that June 3 was hesitant to end her own life and that he should be grateful. When June 3 came to, her realization of being alive almost caused her to kill both Shiga and Hissori. After an episode of headlocks and such, Hissori told June 3 that she should choose a new name for herself, seeing as she cannot go by an MI6 code the rest of her life. June 3 took on the name of Assarishita. Hissori, surprised by the long name she chose, asked her if it would have been alright for him to call her Akari. Assarishita allowed that.

Appearance Edit

Akari looks younger than her age, much younger in fact. She has long rust-red hair which falls over her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She often wears jeans or track pants and t-shirts which accent her figure.

Personality Edit

During her time as an agent, she held onto multiple personalities, never letting her true feelings be seen. It was only after she met Hissori that she actually felt true happiness.

Abilities Edit