Aurelius Cižek
Birthdate April 8
Gender Male
Species Human
Code Name Safe
Status Alive
Affiliation IRIS
Occupation Agent


Aurelius Cižek (オエリアス・シゼツク; Oreriasu Shizekku), also known as Aurel (オエル; Oreru), was a Czech technology expert and full-time IRIS field agent. He supposedly obtained the nickname "Safe" from his knack of saving IRIS agents and plans at the last moment with his knowledge and experience. He was often partnered with the IRIS agent Michelle Wong, whose codename coincidentally means "sound" in English.

Biography Edit

His past has been highly classified.

Personality and traits Edit

Aurel has a strict, textbook approach to situations. He and Michelle, when working together, occasionally bicker over their work, though it has been mostly friendly bantering. The two get along with each other well, supporting each other in close unison.

Powers and abilities Edit

Although Aurel is not a Contractor, he makes up for his lack of supernatural skill with his smarts in technological equipment. His preferred weapon is the taser gun, though Aurel has some experience in the use of firearms. However, he is not very proficient in combat, relying on Michelle to support him while he works on completing the mission objectives.