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Aya Zennōsha
Age Unknown
Birthdate June 13th
Height 5'4"
Weight 148 lbs
Gender Female
Species Contractor
Code Name The Empress
Status Active
Affiliation Kousa
Occupation Unknown
Messier Code Ω-000
Ability Reality Warping
  • Unknown

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Aya Zennōsha (全能者綾, Zennousha Aya; literally, "the omnipotent one"), generally referred to as her alias The Empress (后, Kisaki) due her abilities and known by her messier code Ω-000 to many professional contractors, is an elite Japanese contractor, who's considered one of, if not the, most powerful contractors alive, and is hunted by various organizations for varying reasons ranging from decapitation for international security, to usage of her powers for their own purposes. She's the leader of a group known as Kousa, consisting of contractors whom she has gathered under he command. Her current motives are unknown.

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