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The BEHEMOTH symbol of Chaos

BEHEMOTH is an organization created and lead by Sadow Yatsumaru for the purpose of curing Remuneration in Collectors and making them the hierarchy of society. Their theme is Greek mythological monsters, and each member is given a group-specific codename related to these beasts.

Codenames and Hierarchy Edit

Ultimately, Sadow is the leader of the group but counts Keiyou as co-leader. He has stated numerous times that each member is needed, but only Savis is the one who truly is their trump card, being the overall strongest member. Each member has a representing codename of a mythological Greek monster. These are as follows:

Sadow - Typhon

Keiyou - Echidna

Savis - Cerberus (Deceased)

Ryan - Cerberus

Shinji - Chimera

Kiryu - Hydra (Defected)

Sink - Orthrus

Mauler - Nemean Lion (Deceased)

Neko - Nemean Lion

Synopsis Edit

So far their first appearance is being mentioned by Sadow during his encounter with Ryan in New York City. After his fight with Ryan, Sadow returns to the warehouse BEHEMOTH is using as a base of operations and is allowed entry through use of the password: Etna, which is a reference to the mountain in Europe where Typhon was said to be imprisoned under. He sends out Kiryu, Mauler, Shinji, and Sink to attack Citibank in the morning to arouse further support from other Contractors. The next morning, they reach Citibank. Takeshi is already there and prepares to face off Mauler, Shinji, and Kiryu inside the bank itself. Meanwhile, Sink is assaulted by Ryan on a rooftop of a skyscraper near Citibank. After a long drawn out battle, Mauler is mortally wounded along with Shinji and Kiryu being incapacitated. Just as Takeshi is about to finish them off, Savis arrives and they retreat (without Mauler.) A fight ensues, in which Sink retreats (also mortally wounded) and Savis is blown up on a skyscraper by Takeshi. In defeat, Sadow and Keiyou mourn the losses of the battle. The next day, Sadow and Keiyou arrive at Langley, Virginia at the C.I.A. headquarters undercover to retrieve enough potents for an Obiesance-curing syrum and to rescue an imprisoned Contractor known as "Damien". Sadow is apprehended by Ryan and Tanseki and taken to an unknown warehouse by Ryan for interrogation. For helping him find the Meteor Fragment, Ryan reluctantly agrees to join BEHEMOTH. Back at their HQ, Sadow, Keiyou, Sink, and Shinji welcome Ryan and his Doll, Neko, into their ranks. This ceremony was cut short by the sudden arrival of Takeshi, who alerted to them that he was finding out where the Heaven's Gate is and if the Contractors and Dolls were to be kept alive, they needed to find it. Thus, BEHEMOTH agreed to assist him grudgingly.

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