I needed to get out of this city, so that's what I was going to do; but not before getting some descent sleep. I walked up to what looked like at least a 4-star hotel, I couldn't be sure, and checked in using money I had taken from the bodies of last night. If they were smart they wouldn't have kept so much in their pockets, I mean I could probably stay in this hotel for a good month if I wanted too (which I didn't).

After I sat down in the rather luxurious room I had rented for the night, I realized I didn't feel guilty about any of this, and nothing seemed wrong either... and so I let it pass. Guess I need to get used to this.

I walked to the room's refridgerator and pulled out a can of soda. I filled my casket with it, capped it, and put it in to keep it cool. I sighed, laying down on the bed, and after a moment of quiet contemplation, finally suscumbed to the lull of sleep.

When I woke up to the sound of footsteps, I at first wasn't too concerned, except fro the fact that it had woken me up from a good nap. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up a little more. I turned to look at the clock. 8:00 P.M... I had slept through the entire day.

I sighed, getting up and grabbing a glass of water. I drank deeply, all that sleep had left me dehydrated. I put my glass down on a table next to the bed, and grabbed my room's key. I opened the dorr and stepped out, off to go get some things ready for my trip, after having to ditch my backpack back at that abandoned motel; I wasn't exactly sure where to find it.

Which is how I ended up at a shopping mall, and found myself a new, sturdier backpack, and 2 sets of fresh clothes, since the set I was wearing had been torn after all the running I had gone through. I sighed, wishing things could have remained simple.

I managed to find a Chinese restraurant, and bought myself a dozen potstickers and a soda. Potstickers are my favorite food, so it was a good midnight snack. I walked back to the hotel drinking the soda I had filled my casket with. All in all a good day, so now it was time to get out of this state.