Codename "Chord" (Previously "Hermes", used during previous missions and assignments) is a Contractor working for Olympus. His partner is called Harmony, and together they form Team 4.


Codename "Chord", Previously "Hermes"
Birthday June 11
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Agent (Olympus)
Team Team 4, Olympus
Partner Harmony
Messier Code Unknown
Base of Operations United States, Japan
Personal Status
Birthplace United States
Relatives None
Contract Powergranting
Obeisance Insomnia


Chord is an afroamerican teenager, with the most notable part being his afro and habit of only wearing unbuttoned shirts, even in public. He also has a quite round nose and fat lips. He also has a scar on his forehead, and a pair of red goggles on his head. During the current storyline, he wears red shortpants with brown patterns, along with a white (unbottoned) shirt, a claw-adorn necklace, and black sneakers.


Chord is quite laid back and honest, which makes his personality go hand in hand with his partner Harmony.


Not much is known about Chord's background, but he was found by the Olympus on the streets, when he was just a kid. His family had then been murdered by unknown criminals.


Not Yet Achieved.


Powergranting: Chord's Contractor Ability allows him to create a black fog or smoke from his own body, which can expand to cover larger areas. Inside this smoke, sight is not hindered as much as it would seem. This fog has strange properties, which Chord calls "Roulette". This gives every individual special assets, such as weapons summoning in their hands, or simple abilities such as breathing fire. Every individual inside gains one special weapon, ability and "special feature (basically a random improvement of a physical skill)". The only weapons and abilities shown yet includes a japanese Katana and a spear (for weapons), fire-breathing and steel-skin (for abilities), and enhanced jumping and running (for special features). Chord can only slightly manipulate the black fog, usually just to summon it and retract it. It is also known the fog follows Chord slowly, and slowly disappears if Chord is nowhere near.

  • Obeisance: Insomnia, in a couple of days since Chord has used his ability, he is completely unable to sleep. He can, however, sleep if his powers has been unactive for a long time. Despite this, he is non-hesitant to use his powers (although he usually regrets it at the end of the day).


Dagger: Standard equipment for an Contractor agent of Olympus, Chord uses the dagger faced down, and seems to find himself confident in using it.


  • As with all of the Contractors of Olympus, Chord's current codename is based upon musical terms.
  • Chord's appearance is vaguely based on Chocolove from Shaman King.