thumb|300px|right|Opeining. Darker than Black: After Sunset follows the tale of Contractors, attempts to bring them back into society, and a new antagonist that seeks to destroy them all once more. Due to media leaks, the public has become fully aware of Contractors in everyday life. This has lead many organizations to seek to earn Contractors rights within society once more.

However, this stresses those who have come to hate Contractors for the troubles they bring, and so the Gates are sought once more, in an effort to wipe any Contractor out who they do not deem 'worthy' of life. Once this is revealed, Contractors must seek to help each other, and with an uneasy alliance, they fight to stop this plan from becoming reality.

However, there is another question that lays unanswered, and avoided by all. Its answer may seal the fate of the Contractors, one way or another: Where is the Black Reaper?


America ArcEdit

  • Skirmish in the Land of Lights: The organization BEHEMOTH has attacked a city in New York. Takeshi and Ryan have arrived to end it, but are they working together or alone?
  • Garden of Corpses: Discussions are abundant, and new plans emerge. Who is siding with who?
  • Deceitful Beginnings: A trip to the West Coast is eminent for Ryan, but who is this girl he has met?

Europe ArcEdit

Asia ArcEdit

  • Changing Fates: Undesired Deaths : We bring our attention to a final area, the continent where many plans were foiled in the past. But that is no longer the case... unless Takeshi has something to say about it.
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