thumb|300px|right|First Opening Darker than Black: What Must be Protected details the beginnings of Takeshi, a contractor later feared for his mysterious but effective killings. Following his first kill, to the beginnings of his vendetta to save the world. Truth is a harsh thing, but read until the end if you seek it.

It was once said that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth was a revolutionary act. This is that time, and Takeshi must find it's truth. Darkness and sadness plague the path, but the ending is already known. Welcome to the interquel.



The Unnamed of the Sky: First BloodWe begin in darkness once more; shadows hunting for blood. Will the story begin or end here?

Bloody Path: New BeginningsTakeshi has awakened his contract, and must now adapt to his new life. How will this end?

Airport Security: Escaping the CityThe time has come to leave this place behind, but will those hunting Takeshi allow it?

The Heart of the Matter: First FlightAs the first arc comes to a close, what will Takeshi learn of his attackers?

The ContractEdit

The Beginning of One ThingTakeshi has wandered for some time now, but his return may not be as pleasant as he had expected...


  • Originally, this story was to be made in third person, but to better suite the fact that only one person was writing this entire story, the author decided to write it in this format.