Fel Geraas
Codename Shriek
Species Contractor
Birthday October 30th
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Weight 89lbs
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Several Groups
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Rock Star
Team Unknown
Previous Team Heavy Rock Band
Partner None
Previous Partner Several Bandmates

Nana Hanako

Messier Code SN 2008D
Base of Operations United States, Miami, Florida
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Unnamed Older Sister

Education Various High Schools
Contract Concussive Sound Waves
Obeisance To Be Revealed
Fel Geraas (lit, Dutch for Loud Noise, 騒音) was a former Heavy Rock star that played alongside several bandmates, including Nana Hanako. Previously she being a foreign exchange student from Europe to the United States. The glory of her life and fame helped free her of her dull past with her family. With time progressed, Fel eventually left once the band disbanded. With the opening of the Hell and Heaven Gates, Fel finally learned of her contract. With these powers... Fel would seek to build a life either out of infamy or fame, caution now thrown to the side.



Fel in basic clothing

Fel Geraas bears a very bold presence. Her hair a red-pink, medium length, down to her shoulders or below. Dark green eyes and a semi-tan skin tone. Young and unscathed, Fel is a pinnacle of younger attraction, and this had made her popular with many of her fans. Clothing varies anywhere from white t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, with jeans, dark colors primarily, featuring a somewhat punk attitude theme to them. Perferring to look the way of a wild child rather then someone who is dignified or so on. In her days of school, Fel used to wear a school-girl outfit, due to be being located and relocated to prestigous schools. Simple silver necklaces or black chokers are worn around her neck for appeal, and an occasional leather wrist band. Bothering to keep her face cute, Fel wears masquera and has on many occasions painted her tone and finger-nails with colored polish.





Concussive Sound Waves: Upon gaining her powers, Fel one day played a chord on her guitar, and the affect appeared catastrophic. By creating sound waves from her instruments, Fel had created a shockwave of concussive proportions. With lower bass sounds, Fel could produce destrutive vibrating echoes that could shatter stone and break down walls, rattling an entire steel ware-house. With higher treble noises, Fel produced ultra-high frequencies that caused shrieks and screams on the chords that could disorient or knock-out foes. Another focus of the Concussive techniques, is that Fel can produce them with every strum/blow on her chosen instrument. Each instrument giving out different variations to her sound waves, the sound waves can also be used as sonic booms to knock back foes or otherwise.


Skilled Instrumentalist:



Bass Guitar:

Silver Flute: