Age 19
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'13"
Weight 124 lbs
Gender Female
Species Contractor
Code Name Shredder
Status Active
Affiliation BEHEMOTH
Previous Affiliation C.I.A.
Messier Code SF-656
Ability Metamorphosis
  • Unknown

Furi is a Contractor with the Messier Code SF-656.

Background Edit

It would seem that her family gave her up to the government upon her becoming a Contractor. She would soon remain in solitary confinement for long periods of time in the headquarters of the C.I.A. She has shown to have some compassion for April Gamez as she has been regularly giving her therapy.

Appearance Edit

While in the psychotic ward she wore nothing but rags as her family was too poor to afford her regular clothing and no one bothered to clothe her, (added with perverse guards bribing others not to.) By the time she reached the C.I.A. headquarters, she refused to wear anything else as having an emotional attachment to the rags on her. Upon joining up with Sadow, she discards her rags and wears regular clothes bought by Sadow himself. She has shoulder length white hair and red eyes.

Personality Edit

She has a split-personality whereas one is docile, quiet, shy, and timid while the other is sadistic, malicious, and merciless. The former is the more dominent, the latter only emerging in a time of emotional crisis. She is not very trustworthy, but upon gaining trust of someone will latch onto them and do whatever it takes to protect them and their ideals, as she is unwaveringly loyal to Sadow and refuses to harm April.

Abilities Edit

  • Metamorphosis: Her Contract is that she can transform her fingers into claws that can easily slice through durasteel. her fingers transform into sharp talon-like red claws.
    • Obiesance/Remuneration: Her permanent Obeisance is being albino, as this makes sunlight mobilization difficult.

Synopsis Edit

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