God's Grace is a secret international organization who's goal is the eradication of all contractors.

What sets God's Grace apart from similar organization is that it's basis is religious and considers the existence of contractors to be blasphemous. Many of the members are high powered individuals either officially or underground including Presidents and Prime Ministers to Mafia Mob Bosses. As a result of the high status of these individuals, the identities of all members are hidden from each other. When working together, members wear uniform masks to hid their faces. The only exception to this are the 9 of the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is separate in that they wear full head masks and large robes. They are also the only ones to know the identities of all the members.

Even though they are an anti-contractor organization, they are not above hiring or manipulating contractors to work for them.

Members Edit

Pope Isaac I

Father Alexander Altaire