Codename "Harmony", previously "Apollon"
Birthday March 5
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Agent (Olympus)
Team Team 4, Olympus
Partner Chord
Messier Code Unknown
Base of Operations United States, Japan
Personal Status
Birthplace Canada
Relatives Unknown
Contract Solidity Manipualtion
Obeisance Eating Candy

Codename "Harmony" (Previously "Apollon") is a Contractor in the organization known as Olympus. His partner is (codename) "Chord ".


Harmony has dyed his hair blue, and normally wears some kind of headband across his forehead. His hair is spiky, standing straight up, and his general look is quite confusing. Even though he seems deceiving and intimidating, he is not. During the current storyline, he wears some kind of white jacket with a high collar, along with black, short pants, and white sneakers (though, he often wears roller blades instead).


Harmony is, ironically due to his codename, a very energetic but sweet person, who greatly dislikes anything considered to be "too serious" or "boring" in his eyes. He seems to have a strange liking for salt snacks, such as potato chips or nuts


Not much is known about Harmony's past. He was born and raised in Canada, but fled from his morbid family at an unknown age. Assumingly, Olympus found him some time after that.


Not Yet Achieved.


Solidity Manipulation: Harmony's ability revolves around manipulating the solidity of anything he touches. This seems to be limited to strengthening the solidity of an object, such as turning wood as hard as rock. The weight of the object also grows accordingly. Because of the unpractical and non-battlefitting method which one would use this technique, Harmony has developed a special usage -through his roller blades. This gives him a more fitting usage of the technique, such as running on water (by solidifying the surface of the water for a brief moment), creating shockwaves of air (by using the momentum of a kick along with his ability to solidify air), or jump in the air (by solidifying the air around his feet). Harmony also uses this ability to solidify his roller blades, to make his kicks more damaging. Although his ability is formidable, he is unable to solidify living beings (such as animals or humans).

  • Obeisance: Harmony's Obeisance is eating candy similar to Skittles or M&M's. Since Harmony prefers salty snacks, this Obeisance is according to him very annoying, but deals with it easily, saying that it's "nothing compared to the sick Obeisances out there...".


Roller Blades: Harmony has with him a pair of Roller blades, which he wears almost constantly. They are primarily used to aid his Contractor Ability, or just to speed him up.