Hikari Kurosaki
Codename Jichi (Truth)
Species Contractor
Birthday November 17
Age 25
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 177 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Hikaru Kurosaki
Occupation Bookstore employee
Forensic Pathologist
Previous Occupation Assasin
Team Grace Like Rain
Previous Team Houjin Hitokiri
Partner Hikaru Kurosaki
Previous Partner Eona
Messier Code ZZ-999γ or Z2 93 Gamma
Base of Operations Japan
Personal Status
Relatives Hikaru Kurosaki (older triplet brother (1))

Hiteiteki "Hi" Kurosaki (older triplet brother (2)) Mizu Kurosaki (younger brother)

Education Doctorate in Forensic Pathology
Contract Matter Modification
Obeisance None
"Humans. Such fragile, primitive, and hateful creatures. Their hearts, hollower and blacker than the void of space. Their minds, deceit thriving in every corner. Their strength, a weapon to abuse those weaker than they, and to obtain that which is not theirs. Their souls, darker than black. And yet among the race of humanity, a hero without a name, came and saved each one in that pitiful war-driven species. Such an irony, wouldn't you agree?"
―Hikari Kurosaki

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  • Matter Modification: Hikari's power as a Contractor is the ability to modify matter like her brothers Hikaru and Hi. She wills the atoms in a substance to be reshaped into what she wants. Her specialty lies within converting atoms into objects primarily into carbon-based objects. With this, she can create diamond weapons.
    • Obeisance: Like her brothers, Hikari has no payment for her powers. Her former payment is unknown.