Hikaru Kurosaki
Codename Kinzoku Ookamitsume (Metal Wolf Claw)
Species Contractor
Birthday November 17
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 250 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Self
Grace Like Rain
Occupation Novelist
Bookstore owner
Digital Forensic Analyst
Previous Occupation Assasin
Team Grace Like Rain
Previous Team Houjin Hitokiri
Partner Hikari Kurosaki
Previous Partner Hiteiteki "Hi" Kurosaki
Messier Code ZZ-999 or Z2 93
Base of Operations Japan
Personal Status
Relatives Mizu Kurosaki (younger brother)

Hiteiteki "Hi" Kurosaki (younger triplet brother (2)) Hikari Kurosaki (younger triplet sister (3))

Education Top Forensic Analyst in the world if knwon
Contract Matter Modification
Blood Manipulation
Obeisance None
"The sad thing about discrimination is that no one takes time to objectively think through what they are doing. As a proud Contractor, I won't despise what I am because the world hates my kind. I instead yearn for the day where we no longer are tools to sadistic establishments like the Syndicate and to warring intelligence services. Like humans need to constantly one up each other while singing lies of peace. Either destroy or create. No one who chases two rabbits will acquire both. If you swinish politicians are done carrying on your façade, please be as so kind to resume your perverted game of chess against one another until your homelands bleed into oblivion."
―Hikaru Kurosaki

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  • Matter Modification: Hikaru's primary power as a Contractor is the ability to modify matter to what he wills it to be by reshaping the atoms in a substance. For example, he could do something like create a sword from an I-beam. He even could use certain particles like blueprints like iron sand, and reshape atoms from any amount of plentiful non-radioactive molecules and make an iron sword.
    • Obeisance: Hikaru does not have a payment for his powers, although in the past his payment was having intercourse with an unnamed female individual. Hikaru refuses to disclose anything beyond that.
  • Blood Manipulation: Hikaru does not have Blood Manipulation as a second Contractor power, but rather as a byproduct of experimenting on himself with his powers. Now, his pores link directly into his bloodstream, and his blood contains sleeping molecules that when activated can be used as a wave or as various weapons that Hikaru forms through thought. One of Hikaru's more complicated powers, yet it is his most used as to hide his true power of Matter Modification.