Igor Shwarzz
Igor Shwarzz
Codename Gas
Species Contractor
Birthday March 5
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 444 lbs
Blood Type CN (formula for cyanide's anion)
Professional Status
Affiliation The Syndicate
Occupation Assassin
Previous Occupation Farm hand
Martial Artist
Team Houjin Hitokiri
Partner Hiteiteki "Hi" Kurosaki
Previous Partner Victor Shwarzz
Messier Code PU-817
Base of Operations Japan
Personal Status
Relatives Victor Shwarzz (older brother (deceased))

All massacred by him

Education He knows what sex is and how to swear...
Contract Toxicity
Obeisance Eating Cyanide and farting loudly

Background Edit

Appearance Edit

Igor is gigantic for his age for starters. His massive build is brought upon by his Contractor power. In order to regulate his powers, his muscles had to grow to tremendous size to the point of ripping his skin open, revealing the pulsing synchrotron radiation within. Igor's appearance doesn't change. He dresses like a martial artist, and follows disciplines of karate. His skin heals whenever he is finished using his powers, but patches of bluish-green light are visible at the end of his power usage.

Personality Edit

Igor is a crude, rude, generic henchman who never turns down fights. He usually goes for an all out offensive in battle, never giving defense an afterthought. It's actually a wonder he hasn't been killed yet.

Abilities Edit

  • Toxicity: Igor's entire body contains an unknwon poison lethal to both humans and Contractors in his blood. He can focus the power through his fingernails by attacking his opponents with stabbing attacks. He can also enhance his muscles to where the blood vessels rupture from strain, and cover his arms with his aqua-tinged blood.
    • Obeisance/Remuneration: Igor's payment for his powers is ingesting any dose of cyanide. While this would kill most, it is one of the ingredients for his powers, and the easiest one for him to come by. Another lesser payment is that he farts very loudly after ingesting the cyanide.