Alexander IX
Age 38
Birthdate July 6
Height 7'9"
Weight 160 lbs
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Active
Affiliation Vatican, God's Grace
  • Unknown

Isaac Chruso, also known as Pope Isaac I, is the current leader of the Catholic church and a member of God's Grace, hintingly a high-ranking member.

Background Edit

After the death of Pope Renaldo I, Isaac was selected in the ceremony to decide the new Pope and was thus made leader of the Catholic church. Even before this, however, he was a devoted member of God's Grace in a sect to oppose SIN.

Appearance Edit

Apart from wearing the Pope's uniform, he has long grey hair and purplish grey eyes. It should be noted that he is one of the youngest Priests to ever become a Pope.

Personality Edit

He is kind and courteous to all he meets, though this masks the fact that he only cares for his religion and those who belong to it. He is a cold and merciless individual, willing to cause genocide to every Contractor be them men, women, or children. He holds a particular hatred for SIN being that he was in a sect of God's Grace devoted to their downfall before becoming Pope. Despite this, he is able to put prejudices aside for the greater benefit when situations of unity arise.

Synopsis Edit

None so far...

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