Ling Fu
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Codename Greed
Species Claw
Birthday February 31
Age 26
Gender Male
Blood Type A&B
Professional Status
Previous Occupation The Syndicate
Previous Team Amber
Partner Wei Zhijun
Personal Status
Relatives None
Obeisance Claws (Ultimate Shield)
Ling Fu is a contractor who slashed humans with his bordom and want the world be his own world. Ling Betrayed his partner, Amber and broke the will of team.


Ling is too hot-headed when killing soliders on his own. He goes annoying by many cute children who mutted his apperance and his name. Ling laughter evilly when someone told him that want to defeat him without second thought Or people speaks nonsense.


He has a pony on the back with his long hair covered. Red eyes. Dark green coat,dark green shirt.


( To Amber) "Protecting something that imporant to you? Nonsense!! we keep appected their missions and keep fighting because this is how we live for reason!"