Age 34
Birthdate June 22
Height 7'15"
Weight 183 lbs
Gender Male
Species Contractor
Code Name The Hammer, Nemean Lion
Status Active
Affiliation BEHEMOTH
Messier Code GU-418
Ability Mass Durability
  • Unknown

Mauler is a rogue Contractor and member of BEHEMOTH consisting of 7 Contractors (including himself) and holds the Messier Code GU-418.

Background Edit

Before becoming a Contractor he was a bouncer at a local bar, credited for winning all the fights he's ever been in. Upon becoming a Contractor, he quit his job and sought out other Contractors to prove his strength over them. Eventually he is found by Sadow and Sink and recruited into BEHEMOTH. His reason for joining is so that he can become the strongest Contractor and overcome his annoying Obiesance.

Appearance Edit

He is a bald African-American with brown eyes and a black beard. He is well-built and often wears a dark green army jacket with a chin-high collar. Underneath the jacket, he wears a green sleeveless T-Shirt and dark green jeans along with black combat boots. He also wears circular sunglasses to hide his eyes often.

Personality Edit

He has a rather quiet and stern air about him most of the time, often being the silent muscle for the group. But in fights he enjoys, he will wear a happy smile and either boast of his victory or continue to silently pummel his enemies. He seems to be secretly using BEHEMOTH for his own lust for power, thus he doesnt pay much attention to other members when they are casually conversing with him. He follows every order to the best of his ability but at times continues a fight even when ordered not to out of enjoyment.

Abilities Edit

  • Mass Durability: His Contract ability is that he can harden his skin to be as durable as Diamond, though he still retains his normal appearance. This allows him to repel bullets, swords, and break through most structures.
    • Obiesance/Remuneration: His Remuneration is that he becomes extremely limp and weak for a half hour after using his Contract ability. The longer he uses it, the longer he will be weak.

Equipment Edit

  • Handheld Grenade Launcher: He has a handheld Grenade Launcher that he can carry due to his immense strength.
    Mauler gun

    Mauler's Handheld Grenade Launcher

Synopsis Edit

Darker than Black Fanon Edit

None so far...

Trivia Edit

His appearance is based off of Dutch.