Michelle Wong
Birthdate April 5
Gender Female
Species Human
Code Name Yin
Status Alive
Affiliation IRIS
Occupation Agent


Michelle Wong (王紫琼; Wáng Zǐqióng), better known by her alias Yin (音; yīn; lit. "sound"), is a full-time IRIS field agent tasked with infiltrating and investigating Hell's Gate and the organizations monitoring it. She was often confused with Yin, the Doll supporter of Hei's team.

Biography Edit

As with all IRIS agents, her past remains widely unknown. However, she appears to be Chinese.

Personality and traits Edit

Michelle has an addiction to cigarettes, though she has commented that she attempted to quit several times already. Her tomboyish attitude gives her the appearance of bold and unforgiving, though it was hinted that she has a softer side underneath. As an agent of IRIS, Michelle goes about her work without displaying emotion.

A lover of music, Michelle has considerable skill in a wide variety of instruments, ranging from piano, to oboe, to guqin. When operating undercover, it is not unknown for her to be listening to a music player.

Powers and abilities Edit

Though she has no superpowers, Michelle has been trained through IRIS for her work, including how to handle Contractors. She has undergone extensive training in the use of explosives and firearms, on par with national special forces. Michelle also shows considerable intelligence, noted to have killed two Contractors through deceptive work, both subtly and covertly.

Michelle is also notable for possessing a photographic memory, allowing her to remember virtually anything she sees with a long enough glance, including the faces of those she encounters. However, she could be forgetful when merely listening to a topic. When asked about her auditory forgetfulness and her love for music by Safe, Michelle answered that music registers in her mind differently.