"Godspeed Mieru"
Samurai 04
Codename "Kenshin"
Birthday July 13
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Agent (Olympus)
Team Olympus
Base of Operations United States, Japan
Personal Status
Birthplace Japan
Relatives Unknown

Mieru is a soldier-agent in the secret organization known as Olympus. Because of his incredible swiftness, agility and speed, he has earned the nickname "Godspeed Mieru". During missions and assignments, his codename was "Kenshin". Mieru has only been seen in a flashback, thus the information may be inaccurate during the current storyline.


Mieru has quite long, dark red hair, which gets darker near the tips. He used to keep it in a ponytail on his back, but then cut it off due to personal emotions. He normally likes to wear japanese-style klothing, but refrains from it during missions since it draws attention to him.


Mieru has shown a very kind and gentle attitude towards his comrades, but a quite intimidating and cold personality towards his enemies. Though he does not like to kill, or even hurt people, he does so without doubting if that is inevitable.


Mieru taught Beat to fight when he was younger, and is said to be out hunting a criminal who had stole something from Olympus.


Not Yet Achieved.


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Mieru is a master with his sword in his hand, and is said to be able to cut through anything. Any real proof of his swordsmanship skills has not been shown.

Enhanced Speed: Combined with his feared swordsmanship skills, Mieru is one of the fastest in the whole country, being able to seemingly disappear and reappear somewhere else as if he was using a Contractor Ability. Beat, upon witnessing Mieru's gruesome speed, said it felt like he had been there (referring to the place Mieru traveled to) all the time.


Katana: Mieru always carries with him a Katana with a black hilt. The interesting and odd thing about it is that it does not have a handguard, like most katanas.