Birthdate March 31
Gender Male
Species Human
Code Name Morpheus
March 15
Status Alive
Affiliation IRIS
Secret Intelligence Service (spy)
Occupation Agent
Messier Code PA-457
Ability Sensory manipulation


Morpheus, also known under the alias March 15 and the Messier Code PA457, is a member of the Secret Intelligence Service and secretly a member of IRIS. His real name remains unknown.

Biography Edit

Morpheus' history is widely unknown and there are no known connections between him and other SIS agents outside field operations.

Personality Edit

Lacking emotion, Morpheus constantly analyzes a situation, even when speaking to comrades. Like other Contractors, Morpheus thinks in a rational manner, though influenced by the needs of IRIS. He believes that IRIS's existence would benefit the world and be a third-party safety net for if the world falls into chaos. He claims that the organization despises global chaos because it is unpredictable.

Powers and abilities Edit

As a Contractor, Morpheus' power is sensory manipulation. He can make a victim believe his senses are being stimulated by just looking at the person in question. His obeisance is drinking, though Morpheus does not have a high alcohol tolerance level, which often leaves him in a drunken state.

Behind the scenes Edit

March 15 is the Ides of March, the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Morpheus is the god of dreams in Greek mythology.

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