Nana Hanako
Nana by tobiee
Codename Dark
Species Contractor
Birthday October 31
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5' 9
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Rock star
Team None
Partner Vaikne Haud
Messier Code 5G 358
Base of Operations Not Yet Revealed
Personal Status
Relatives All Deceased
Education High School, Community College
Contract Rapid Cell Regeneration
Obeisance Kissing A Women

Nana Hanako (ナナ花子, Seven Flower Baskets) is a young and beautiful contractor who spent most her time and devotion into her former Heavy Rock band. Before becoming a contractor, she was very wealthy and her family was of higher class, though she preferred to dress and behave toward her own style which made her stand out from the group. Though she was practically rich, she would rather work to gain what she needed as she believed in independence and would give most of her families gifts such as money to the people who needed it. Sometime during the appearance of the Hell and Heavens Gate she obtained a special ability. During this time she discovered that her father and sibling were killed in explosion which was said to be caused by a contractor. While her mother survived, she suffered severe brain damage. Going through rough times she eventually met Vaikne Haud and hold a current relationship with her.


NaNa by yukikominazuki

Nana during a concert

Nana is young women in her early twenties maintaining a sexy slender build and health skin. The color of her hair usually depends on whatever she feels like dying it. While her short hair naturally black, she has constantly died it blonde, red, and her favorite color pink. Currently her hair is black with multiple thin streaks of pink in a circular angle. Nana's eyes are naturally a bright purple that sparkle like diamonds shining in sunlight. Upon her body are multiple piercings, tongue pierce, ear piercings, and belly button piercings. She wears her favorite lipstick, Manic Panic Raven; shade similar to shaded black. Like her lipstick her fingernails are always seen painted black. A guitar neck belt containing spikes is usually strapped tight around her neck and wrists for fashion reasons. She possesses numerous amounts of outfits which are usually related to the clothing line of heavy rock music. Mostly black boots, shoes, shorts, etc.




  • Rapid Cell Regeneration:
  • Obeisance/Remuneration:


  • Dual Black Pistols (Silencers):
  • Knife: