Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Gender Female
Species Doll
Code Name Cat Lady
Status Active
Affiliation Ryan
Occupation Doll for the D.C.R.
Ability Tracking
  • Unknown

Neko is Ryan's only supporter and teammate, albeit she is a Doll. Her job is to keep tabs on anyone he finds suspicious and to locate and keep records of any profitable bounties for future hunts. He calls her by the "codename", "Cat Lady", mainly due to her name meaning cat.

Background Edit

Little is known of Neko's past, or even if Neko is her real name. At some point after the appearance of the Hell's Gate in Tokyo, she becomes a Doll and joins up with Ryan, who has found a liking in doing bounty hunting for underground organizations, though they aren't affiliated to any of their clients.

Appearance Edit

Neko appears to be between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, though her exact age is unknown. She wears a small green top, with an even smaller black, sleeveless vest over it. She wears black arm guards on her arms, a green skirt to match her top, a red sash that wraps around her waist, and very long black, leather, boots and hight heeled black sandals.

Personality Edit

As a doll, Neko feels nothing. She has no emotion and only "feels" what she is told to. Unlike government officials who control dolls, Ryan doesn't mind allowing her to show her own feelings or will on occasion. She constantly displays a fake smile to give the appearance that she has emotions or a personality of her own, even though she does not.

Abilities Edit

  • Remote Viewing: As a doll she possess the innate ability to use observer spirits. Neko does this through the medium of concrete, making her most effective in the big cities, or on paved roads. As long as she maintains some form of connection with concrete, she can track and eavesdrop on anyone touching, or near anything made out of concrete.

Equipment Edit

  • Communication Radio: Neko and Ryan both use this to stay in contact with each other when on missions.

Synopsis Edit

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