Age Early 30's
Birthdate unknown
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Gender Male
Species Contractor
Code Name Mirror, Lust
Status Active
Affiliation SIN
Previous Affiliation unknown
Occupation Business Entrepreneur
Previous Occupation(s) unknown
Messier Code VL-630
Ability Contract Mimicry


Background Edit

His background is a mystery to most with even his name, Pierre, in all likely hood being an alias. He's worked for other organizations in the past before becoming a predominate leader within SIN. Currently, as well as being a member of SIN, Pierre is a very successful business man owning various clubs throughout Europe and a few in Asia and the United States. His business has earned him quite a small fortune, which he keeps mostly to himself with the rest going towards other business goals and the occasional charities.

Appearance Edit

He has a tall, rugged appearance that generally makes him very appealing. His hair is coloured a dark brown and is usually mussed up. He has a chiseled jaw and some stubble of a beard. Normally he wears a fine clothes, particularly suits. Most often he carries with him a katana and smokes a cigarette.

Personality Edit

Initially he comes off as a stereo typical Parisian man: a smooth talking romancer who enjoys the fine life. In actuality, Pierre only uses this as a front in order to more effectively manipulate people. His true goals are unknown but behind the scenes he seems to be steadily climbing up the ranks in terms of power and wealth. Overall, Pierre is a clam and laid-back individual preferring to talk his way out of a situation as opposed to fighting. At time he may seem flighty but in truth he is a highly intelligent individual.

Abilities Edit

  • Contract Mimicry: Pierre is able to copy the abilities of other contractors. In order to acquire a contractor's power, he must in take some of their bodily fluid within his own body. Pierre is able to retain all abilities he acquires for an indefinite period of time. However, he can only use one copied ability at a time and he must pay his obeisance each time he uses any of his acquired powers.
  • Obeisance/Remuneration: Pierre has to exchange a bodily fluids of his with the contractor he copies from. Pierre can usually accomplish this simultaneously with the means by which he copies by kissing his opponent. He has to pay his obeisance every time he uses any of his abilities.