"If I can't live with her, then I will die for her"


Robert Grey

-Robert Grey right before he uses his power for the last time

Robert Grey


Robert Grey






Time Manipulation


Heart Stop

Robert Grey is a Contractor with the Messier Code CI-666. He leaves with his fiance in Tokyo.


Robert has short white hair and sharp, red eyes. He has an athletes body with a huge scar across his chest. He wears a long black trench coar, a red shirt and black jeans.


Robert is the type of person who always puts others infront of himself. He lives for his loved ones (espeacially his fiance Lilly). He is very polite to his friends and strangers. Robert is also a very shy person.


Robert moved from America to Japan a few weeks before the Hell's Gate. He fell in love with a girl from his high school class named Lilly. Because he was to shy he could never aproach her. One day though he saw her being mugged by a group of people. This was on the day of Hell's Gate. He tried to protect her but was badly wounded across his chest. As he fell to the ground, the Gate spoke to him and he aquired his power. He used it to save Lilly and fight of the muggers,

After 2 years Robert propoused to Lilly and they were to be married. Unfortunetly tragedy struck when Robert gave his life to protect Lilly from the FSB.


Time Manipulation: Robert Grey has the ability to fast forward or slow down time. He has mastered this ability to it's fullest potential, to the point where he can freeze time and kill a person by making him age with each second.

Obiesance: Robert's heart weakens every time he uses his ability, to the point where he dies from heart stop at the age of 19 after defeating 50 members of the FSB.


  • Robert's Messier Code number (666) is a refrence to the number of the beast (though the character has nothing to do with Christianity or Satan.