SIN is an organization lead by 7 contractors from different organizations. The group seeks to use their influence to other organizations to take control over Europe, and soon, the world. It is lead by a man under the persona, Messiah. Each have their reasons for joining.

Codename Real Name Contractor Abilities Status Reason of joining Affiliated with
Envy Unknown Vaporization Alive Seeking his death Unknown
Gluttony Alice Animation Alive Unkown Unkown
Wrath Senju Pyrokinesis Alive Unknown TITANS (before its downfall)
Pride Kieth Aquakinesis Alive To get famous Unknown
Greed Unknown Gold transfiguration Alive To have all the world's wealth Unknown
Lust Pierre Contract Mimicry Alive Unkown Unkown
Sloth Maria Nightmare Projection Alive Unknown Unknown