Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'13"
Weight 159 lbs
Gender Male
Species Contractor
Code Name The Blade, Cerberus
Status Active
Affiliation BEHEMOTH
Messier Code SV-533
Ability Metal Manipulation
  • Unknown

Savis is a rogue Contractor and member of BEHEMOTH consisting of 7 other Contractors (including himself) and holds the Messier Code SV-533.

Background Edit

Ever since he was a child Savis was exposed to traumatic torment as he and his mother were constantly abused by his father. Over the years he would slowly become a very violent individual, killing animals for no reason and beating other students at his school. Eventually, at age 17, while being beaten by his father he revealed his immunity to pain due to his constant lashes and murders his father. His mother, afraid for her life, assaults Savis with a frying pan but is also dispatched. In time he would kept securely locked in an asylum for the criminally insane for murdering several people. Upon becoming a Contractor, he broke out of the asylum and hid in an abandoned shack until being found by Sadow and Sink, who invite him into BEHEMOTH. Initially declining, Sadow convinces him that they are the same and they have the same goals. He joins but is kept out of much action due to his superior skill in killing and is thus proclaimed BEHEMOTH's "trump card".

Appearance Edit

He has short black hair with long bangs and black eyes. He usually wears a black leather outfit with belts strapped everywhere. The outfit is custom with a chin-high collar and cloak, strapped to it via belts. His entire torso and legs are brutally scarred with whelts and slashes, both due to his past history with pain and his Renumeration.

Personality Edit

He has a very cold and merciless personality, not caring about whom he kills be they man, woman, or child. He claims the only two English words he truly understands are "Suffering" and "Pain". He is extremely sadistic, killing in very gruesome ways and, at times, not finishing off opponents even though they are mortally wounded so they can die slowly. He doesn't see the point in sparing enemies, asking Sadow why he spares April's life. He is also extremely curious, especially over human emotions and goals, as he claims he joined BEHEMOTH for such a reason.

Abilities Edit

  • Metal Manipulation: His Contract is that he can manipulate any metal to form any shape or texture and move to his will. With this ability, he can stop bullets in midair, create swords or guns with metal around him, and even kill someone by removing the iron in their blood (though this requires great concentration and takes a large amount of time thus he does not prefer doing so.) He can also create walls and armor to protect himself from attacks with this power.
    • Obiesance/Remuneration: His Remuneration is causing physical pain to himself, be it or cutting or bruising or otherwise. Since he does not feel physical pain, he is not effected by this Remuneration.

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