Age 19
Birthdate May 8
Height 6'10"
Weight 162 lbs
Gender Male
Species Contractor
Code Name The Stinger, Chimera
Status Active
Affiliation BEHEMOTH
Messier Code VT-408
Ability Mass Acceleration
  • Unknown

Shinji is a rogue Contractor and member of BEHEMOTH consisting of 7 other Contractors (including himself) and holds the Messier Code VT-408.

Background Edit

He grew up an only child raised by his father due to his mother dying during his birth. He was raised to believe that he had to only think about himself and his own success in life. In time, he would sell his father out to a local mafia to pay off a debt. After he became a Contractor, he started gambling and was always able to win due to his Contract ability. Eventually, Sink lead Sadow to him and he was invited to join BEHEMOTH. After much discussing of profits and gains, his own greed allowed him to proudly say yes.

Appearance Edit

He has short blonde hair and blue eyes and usually wears a dark grey coat with a badge sewn on the left shoulder and metal bands lower from it. He wears a dark and light red striped shirt underneath the coat and a silver belt he won from gambling. He also wears light grey jeans and brown sporting shoes. Along with the belt, he won a large silver crown-like hairpiece.

Personality Edit

He believes firmly that he is all that matters and only cares about his own well-being and success. He is extremely greedy and self-absorbed, a trait Mauler and Keiyou berade him for. He is not above taking orders and carrying them out to the letter, but if he sees an opportunity to benefit himself he will seek that out rather than follow orders.

Abilities Edit

  • Mass Acceleration: His Contract ability governs Mass Acceleration. When touching an object and then propelling it, he can cause it to move at higher speeds than normal, making a plate able to keep up with a bullet.
    • Obiesance/Remuneration: He must stand on both of his hands for 2 minutes for his Remuneration to be complete. The more he uses his power, the longer he has to stand on his hands. He has noted this as fun at first but gradually became annoying, as he fainted before from bloodflow going to his head.

Equipment Edit

  • Throwing Knives: He has 8 specially made light Throwing Knives attached to his belt and are easily accessible for quick draws and throws. He can throw them with quick precision and accuracy, avoiding important arteries even when the target is moving.

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