Joachim Habsburg
Codename Sigismund Vollhardt
Birthday May 4th
Age 41
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 148 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Hunter Project
Occupation Head of International Hunter Federation
Previous Occupation Silversmith
Team None
Previous Team None
Messier Code None
Base of Operations French Southern
Personal Status
Relatives House of Habsburg
Contract None
Obeisance None

Sigismund Vollhardt, real name Joachim Habsburg, is the self-proclaimed last member of the Habsburg reigning branch, having descended from a lost elder sibling of the family. He is also the founding member and head of the International Hunter Federation, as well as the overseer of all three Hunter Units. He is working for an unknown reason towards the annihilation of all Contractors on the earth.


Sigismund suffers from extreme argyria, caused by undue exposure to silver as a child, resulting in a striking blue color of his skin when exposed to light, and a more silvery color when in darkened areas. He also has complete heterochromia, difference in eye color, with one red eye and one green. His hair is a darker blue, and is wavy, coming down to just past his shoulders in the back, and is short in the front and on the sides. He sometimes wears a black top hat, and commonly wears a black longcoat with a blue kerchief at the neck, and with flame designs on the sleeves and upturned cuffs. He has a pair of small golden spherical earrings, and a golden staff topped by an emerald crowned in gold and decorated with a cross.



Sigismund is descended directly from an elder brother of Ferdinand and Charles Habsburg. The elder son's mother, the first wife of his father, died in childbirth, and out of grief and shame, the man ordered his first marriage concealed, and the child taken to a lesser family. However, he was taught of his heritage, and passed the knowledge down through the generations to Samuel.

By the time Sigismund was born, his branch of the family had fallen into poverty, having never revealed their royal connections. The habsburgs were no longer in power, but were still a wealthy family, and Sigismund's father, a goldsmith and silversmith, found himself working for him. When Sigismund reached adolescence, he began protesting that they should not serve the lesser branches of the Habsburg house, but his father Samuel would not listen. However, when Sigismund was just reaching adulthood, Samuel died from silver exposure, and Sigismund swore to take on the trade himself. After several years, he himself began suffering from argyria due to silver exposure, and his employers were offended by the sight of him, trying to rid themselves of him. Furious at the treatment of his branch, he produced papers, legitimate beyond a doubt, and forced them to recognize him as the rightful heir of the House. However, soon after he vanished, having decided that it was not enough for him to be recognized by his House, but that he and his House must once again be respected by the entire world. He then took on his alias, and at some point began the International Hunter Federation.