Sadow smiled up at the warehouse that was the BEHEMOTH's base of operations. He knocked on the steel door and was answered by a deep voice inquiring "Password?" Sadow clears his throat and utters "Etna." At this, a large muscular man with long blue hair opens the door and allows Sadow entry. He nods thankingly "Thank you, Mauler." and enters. Mauler slams the steel door shut and flips a switch, turning on the dim lights in the warehouse, revealing the place is aligned with statues and paintings of Greek gods and goddesses. The other members of BEHEMOTH are standing in place or sitting on crates stacked to form pyramids high in the large building. He ushers "My friends, my comrades in arms... We are about to embark on the most greatest fulfillment any entity could possibly desire in this world... Conquest. With each of us ready for battle, no foe will be able to stand against us." Sadow points to a small television resting on a workbench in the corner of the room "Tommorow morning we will attack Citibank to draw attention to us and interest other Contractors to come to our aid. Any questions?"

A Contractor walks up, Wearing a hood and starts to speak

"Hey boss, can I join this battle? I've proved my self in the past" Kiryu asks as he removes his hood and you see the scar on the left side of his face.

Sadow glances at him with a smile "Of course. It would be befitting for us to take your measure in a real battle. Mauler, Sink, and Shinji will accompany you." Shinji, the blonde haired man sitting on a crate at the top of a pyramid chuckles "So we just bust up the place? What a synch." Mauler "Don't be so cocky, Shinji. Remember, we still have to watch the rookie's back out there."

Kiryu smirks as he puts his hood back on and turns to leave, ignoring the fact that Mauler called him a rookie. "Mauler, if you wanna keep your tongue, I suggest you never call me a rookie again, if you know whats good for you."

Mauler turned to him and roared "Is that right?!" Sadow stepped in between them "Enough. Save it for the battlefield, you two." Mauler grits his teeth and unclenches his fists submittingly "Very well. Comeon, let's get goin'."

Kiryu swiftly starts to run out of the warehouse ahead of Mauler, Shinji and Sink. "Pick up the pace slow pokes!" Kiryu is ready to cause some damage in the city.

Mauler grunts "Little brat..." Sink looks up at a skyscraper "I'll take point up there and snipe whoever attempts to attack."